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Oren P

 As I was working with Johnny on lower back pain I developed a sudden and painful neck condition with pain radiating down my arm. Testing showed a herniated disk which would likely need surgery. Johnny and I tried a few methods and settled on one that stretched the neck and opened up the affected area. After a couple weeks, where all other treatments and medicines failed, Johnny’s approach was able to minimize my pain. And after a few weeks, with continued treatment and exercises at home I’ve been able to reduce pain to almost unnoticeable levels. I’ve been to a few physical therapists before without results and overall was truly impressed with Johnny’s commitment to my treatment and his open mind to trying new approaches until we found one that worked.  Thanks for all your help.


Robert M, Triathlete

 I didn’t think I would ever be able to enter another triathlon until I was recommended to John. I have done two since working with him and even beat my previous personal record. I hope there are many more to come with John’s help.


Hansel P, Crossfit Athlete

 I received a pretty bad shoulder injury working out. I was not able to lift my arm, put on a shirt, or raise my rambunctious toddler without wincing in pain. John helped me regain strength and mobility in my arm through a combination of targeted massages and exercise. After I recovered, he left me with a custom workout for home and at the gym. Today I’m back to picking my kid up and plopping him on my shoulders with ease. My sessions with John were great. It not only felt like I was being given excellent care, but like I was seeing a friend. I strongly recommend him.


Jane M, Superstar Camogie and Irish Football Athlete

 My experience with Johnny has been exceptional.  Playing a variety of intensive sports resulted in me suffering several leg injuries, one of which occurred while preparing for a large competition.  However, John provided me with the care that I need to get me through the matches, but also back on track to compete at an intense level.  I continue to get treatment from him to keep me “in the game” and to avoid further damage to my body.  He has allowed me to continue to do the things I am passionate about.


Yasser K, Professional Squash Player

 Thanks for helping me get better John!  I’ve been working with John for several months now on several conditions.  First he helped me with my TMJ condition, which my dentist was surprised when he found out there was possible treatment for it, then he helped me with my shoulder, back, and hip.  John is very knowledgeable and attentive, and I highly recommend him for anyone!  He’s great.


Ray O, Star Softball Player

 Before having physical therapy, my left knee was in so much pain and I couldn’t even go down stairs or get into cars.  Running was completely out of the question and pain prevented me from playing or training for softball; I also was unable to swim or go to the gym.  After working with Johnny, my left knee had immediate improvement.  In just 4 weeks, I was back playing softball again, sprinting after fly balls to the outfield, and running hard around the bases after a deep hit.  I’m looking forward to the completion of the rehabilitation process to treat this issue for good!

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