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Proven Success Stories

As I was working with Johnny on lower back pain I developed a sudden and painful neck condition with pain radiating down my arm. Testing showed a herniated disk which would likely need surgery. Johnny and I tried a few methods and settled on one that stretched the neck and opened up the affected area. After a couple weeks, where all other treatments and medicines failed, Johnny’s approach was able to minimize my pain. And after a few weeks, with continued treatment and exercises at home I’ve been able to reduce pain to almost unnoticeable levels. I’ve been to a few physical therapists before without results and overall was truly impressed with Johnny’s commitment to my treatment and his open mind to trying new approaches until we found one that worked.  Thanks for all your help.

—Oren P

I didn’t think I would ever be able to enter another triathlon until I was recommended to John. I have done two since working with him and even beat my previous personal record. I hope there are many more to come with John’s help.

—Robert M, triathlete

I received a pretty bad shoulder injury working out. I was not able to lift my arm, put on a shirt, or raise my rambunctious toddler without wincing in pain. John helped me regain strength and mobility in my arm through a combination of targeted massages and exercise. After I recovered, he left me with a custom workout for home and at the gym. Today I’m back to picking my kid up and plopping him on my shoulders with ease. My sessions with John were great. It not only felt like I was being given excellent care, but like I was seeing a friend. I strongly recommend him.

—Hansel P, CrossFit athlete

Thanks for helping me get better John!  I’ve been working with John for several months now on several conditions.  First he helped me with my TMJ condition, which my dentist was surprised when he found out there was possible treatment for it, then he helped me with my shoulder, back, and hip.  John is very knowledgeable and attentive, and I highly recommend him for anyone!  He’s great.

—Yasser K, profession squash player

My experience with Johnny has been exceptional.  Playing a variety of intensive sports resulted in me suffering several leg injuries, one of which occurred while preparing for a large competition.  However, John provided me with the care that I need to get me through the matches, but also back on track to compete at an intense level.  I continue to get treatment from him to keep me “in the game” and to avoid further damage to my body.  He has allowed me to continue to do the things I am passionate about.

—Jane M, superstar camoge and Irish football athlete

When I first came to John I had pain in both shoulder along with a popping and grinding sound.  After 3-4 sessions I had very noticeable improvement in the right shoulder which is the one he started with and the grinding sound was greatly reduced.  Now after just over a month of working with John, the right shoulder feels 95% healed and the left shoulder is at 85%.  I consider John an expert in the physical therapy arena.  He knows exactly how to treat and repair whatever is causing you pain or discomfort.  He explains the way that particular part of your body should work, all the muscles and ligaments involved, and what you’re doing improperly to then work with you to achieve the highest improvement.  I highly recommend John to you if you are in need of any type of physical therapy.  In addition to his expertise he is friendly and personable and makes you feel at ease.

—Sharon C

Before having physical therapy, my left knee was in so much pain and I couldn’t even go down stairs or get into cars.  Running was completely out of the question and pain prevented me from playing or training for softball; I also was unable to swim or go to the gym.  After working with Johnny, my left knee had immediate improvement.  In just 4 weeks, I was back playing softball again, sprinting after fly balls to the outfield, and running hard around the bases after a deep hit.  I’m looking forward to the completion of the rehabilitation process to treat this issue for good!

—Ray O, star softball player

When I first came to see Johnny, the pain in my legs was excruciating. Just getting out of bed was traumatic. Walking and going up stairs could bring tears to my eyes. Putting on my shoes and socks was a struggle.  Johnny clearly knows what he’s doing. I now feel none of that pain I felt before and not having that constant pain has also had a positive psychological impact as well. I highly recommend Johnny if you want to address pain related disc issues without shots or surgery. I’m simply amazed with the results.

—Thomas T

I had stabbing pain down my left leg as a result of an extruded disc and was one step away from surgery. Johnny provided individualized hands-on sessions that has allowed me to resume all of my daily and recreational activities. I am so grateful for this experience, avoiding surgery, and allowing me to be pain free.

—Alisson E

Bill: I’ve been to many different therapy organizations over the past 10 years or so.  The experience with John is even better than anything I’ve had before; it’s totally one on one for the entire session in one room with no interruptions.  John is excellent at explaining what methods/therapies he’s applying (active/passive release, etc.) and how the exercises, stretches, and foam rolling should be done and how they should feel.  I believe if it were not for John’s work on my hip, I would be much less active and would probably never play hockey or run (which I now do in moderation) again. At the height of the Hip problem there wasn’t a day when the pain/tightness/discomfort was less than a 6-7 out of ten, now the 6-7 is the high end, and those days are very rare. I would recommend John to anyone needing therapy. My wife, who is a patient of John’s also, and I always say he would be on the top of the list of people we would need to hire full time if we hit the Mega Millions Lottery. Ana: I first met John Lathrop a few years ago when I went through a few therapists and quickly determined that John was not only the best therapist I have used, but the only therapist I've ever had that can hone in on your problem with precision. He has often been the one that other therapists consult in trying to help their own patients. John is extremely knowledgeable and accomplished. I've needed his help with all sorts of physical injuries (neck, back, shoulder, and knee) and have always had amazing results with his treatment.  Along with exercises to do at home, John has recommended various therapeutic devices that I can use at home to complement his treatments and I can't do without them. When my husband needed a physical therapist I wholeheartedly recommended John and now my husband will not see anyone but John. We both feel "John's the man."   John works in a one-on-one, quiet environment with total focus on you while he provides highly skilled manual therapeutic techniques to help your movement dysfunctions.  He teaches you how you're using your body incorrectly and how to undo the habits that get you into trouble and he will always find ways to adapt treatment and exercises to the capabilities of the patient. I honestly think that I wouldn't be able to continue my level of my activities if it weren't for John.

—Bill & Ana T

I came to see John Lathrop after two months of experiencing progressively worse pain in my hip lower back and legs. I had previously spent three weeks seeing another physical therapist, where my pain got worse as did the supervision I received. John had a completely different approach to the regime of strengthening I'd previously been put under. He put me through a battery of tests checking for mobility and pain and started me on a series of exercises to compact and extend different muscle groups. These exercises were more complex than any I had previously been taught in by a PT but he was patient and helped me by filming on my phone. After a week I saw good results and after two I was completely pain free. The level of care I received was excellent. I never spent anytime with an assistant or student learning to be a PT (all of my time was with John). I would highly recommend John and think his work to be the forefront of his industry.

—Barney T, Head Tennis Professional, The Racquet and Tennis Club

It was evident that after a few sessions with John in 2014, which helped me return to the game of golf again, that he was one of the best physical therapists.  When my doctor asked me in 2016 to see a physical therapist due to a shoulder injury of over 10 years, my first choice was John over several other choices.  I am happy I chose him for the second time.  In just a few sessions, I am 90% pain-free.  Thanks John!

—Mohammed S.

This past Fall my ‘Temporomandibular Dysfunction’ became unbearable and I couldn't yawn without a great amount of pain. I tried eating a soft food diet and a wearing a night-guard. It wasn't until I started PT with John that I began to feel better. He teaches me techniques that go beyond the TMJ to the source of the problem. My TMJ pain has drastically subsided and I can eat my favorite foods again!

—Stacey M, avid runner

I was introduced to John Lathrop when I tore my meniscus.  As an avid runner, it was important to me to become athletically active again after my meniscus repair and John made this his focus during my rehab.  Upon meeting John to begin physical therapy, he began by getting to know me, what sports I play, and what I do to keep active; then he tailored my rehab to get me back to doing the things I love.  John was very hands-on, encouraging, and took the time to explain why he was doing certain treatments and why he was instructing me to do exercises in between my physical therapy sessions.  I found that understanding the reasons why we were doing things helped me stay focused and aided my recovery.  John was able to help me go from not being able to bend my knee or walk, back to having full range of motion in my knee and actively running again.  John’s knowledge, encouragement and treatments were vital to my rehab.  I would recommend him to everyone.

—Chris T, avid runner

Before PT my lower back was constantly bothering me and I was starting to worry that this would affect by running. Prior to PT I was getting back into the sport of running, but with the back issues I was on and off fearful that it was a serious and potentially debilitating injury. I met John and we started treatment right away, now I feel great! and my running is starting to get back on track. I have been running for almost 2 weeks straight feeling good and hopefully within the next couple of months I will be back at my 100 miles a week schedule getting ready to run some fast times for the half and if everything comes together a full!

—Angel O, avid runner

I have danced ballet professionally for over 40 years, but when I had my hip replacement I wasn’t sure I’d be able to dance again. John understood how to get me moving again so I could continue to perform. With his help, I am glad to say that I have regained the flexibility and strength required to perform at a professional level.

—Elizabeth R, Professional Ballet Dancer and Former Dancer of the Alvin Alley American Dance Theatre

In a few sessions with Johnny, I was able to improve my golf swing and understand how to prevent injury. I have been playing golf with more consistency and power, helping me to shave more strokes off my handicap than I was able to do with conventional golf lessons.

—John L, Avid Golfer

After tearing my Achilles, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to play competitive soccer again. After just one month of treatment, I have already exceeded all my initial expectations and now I expect to be back out on the field in no time. Thanks Johnny.

—Chris O, Former Professional Soccer Player

I came to Johnny with a herniated disc in my lower back and left knee pain. In the time that I have been working with him, I have made huge strides. I now live pain-free and have started running again for the first time in over ten years.

—Rebecca S

I had a strong pain on my right leg, and was having difficulties both with walking and also sitting down. I move around normally and can stay still for long periods of time. In addition I learned better and healthier postures of my body as well as exercises for stretching my muscles when needed. It was excellent.

—MP Davila

My golf game suffered immensely prior to working with John. Today my shoulder is great. Great experience. He understands that working professionals do not have much time and he is very accommodating.

—JM Chanoine

I’d had off and on problems with my shoulders and neck for years and had numerous physical therapy and chiropractor sessions – all of which solved the immediate pain but none of which fixed the problem for more than a few weeks. After working with Johnny, I now have no neck or shoulder issues, and am able to maintain (better) flexibility and mobility than I’ve had in decades (and I’m only 42…).

—Alex M

When I first arrived for treatment at John Lathrop Physical Therapy, my TMJ disorder was nearly debilitating. I suffered from constant headaches, muscle tension and pain in my neck and back, jaw pain and stiffness, and I struggled to fully open my mouth and chew many foods. With John's help, I am now well on the road to recovery within a matter of months. The difference in my jaw pain and ability to talk and eat comfortably is truly night and day. My symptoms no longer interrupt my daily activities or command my attention, and I am very grateful to John for his role in helping me to this point in such a short time. Thank you John!

—Daniel B

I went to physical therapy after an ankle sprain I endured while wearing high heels and running across a New York City street. Being an active person (dancer, yogi, hiker and runner), I wanted to ensure that my ankle would not just be functional, but in top shape so that I could return to my activities with confidence and at the same caliber as before the sprain. Maintaining flexibility in my angle/foot to continue to have a good pointed foot and 'turnout' for dance was my top priority. Just as important was building strength in my ankle to ensure jumps/leaps and repetitive movements were not painful. John understood my priorities and appreciated my dedication towards re-building above and beyond what the average person would consider normal function so that I could continue my lifestyle happily. He customized more challenging exercises for me as my strength was improving and even incorporated ballet style warm-ups and PT homework for me to do outside of the office to help me gain function and confidence, making the recovery process fun. The office space is professional and welcoming, and John was knowledgeable in answering my questions and explaining the correlations between my injury and other ligiments/muscles effected by my sprain. I am back to dancing, doing yoga, hiking and running with no pain! Additionally, the flexibility in my foot and turnout are back to 100% and I have made a full recovery much sooner, and with more success, than most of my peers with similar injuries who complain years later about function. I continue to use the strength exercises I learned at PT for regular maintenance and I'm happy with the lessons and knowledge John imparted on me with regards to maintaining a healthy ankle into the future.

—Elizabeth M

I lead a physically active life and visited an orthopedist for recurrence of a knee problem. The doctor felt I had a meniscus tear and wanted to schedule an MRI. I sought alternatives to what was sure to be a path to surgery. This led me to Johnny Lathrop. He diagnosed my issues and instructed me how to manage them. Johnny listens well, observes keenly, and coaches patients with a pleasant “tableside” manner. As we met, I learned about imbalances in my core region and improper mechanics that had developed in my knee as a result. We worked on flexibility, balance, and weak/strong muscle interactions. Included with stretches and exercises were discussions of better ways to walk, run, cut, and climb. The program prescribed quickly got me back to daily activities and sports without pain, including limited running. Continued practice of what I learned has given me a better understanding of how I can maintain good joint health and prevent future injuries.

—Harry M

In an effort to resolve the pain I was experiencing in my right knee, I sought the advice of John just before I was to start training for my first marathon. I was worried I would be told I needed to stop running in order to heal and would then need to change my focus from training for the marathon to performing low impact therapeutic exercises in order to strengthen my knee. However, as someone who understands the mindset of a runner (and other dedicated athletes) John knew it was futile to advise me to stop running all together. Instead, based on a discussion of my goals, John developed a safe and effective plan to keep me running and on schedule for the marathon. For the first few weeks I underwent PT twice a week and then gradually tapered off to once a week up until marathon weekend. Our sessions focused on hands-on manipulation of my knee and IT band. Over the course of my treatment, I felt improvement in the knee despite extensive training and was pain free leading into the marathon. I am glad to report that I completed my first marathon (at age 49) and experienced no pain in my knee during or after the marathon. How I wish the rest of my body didn’t hurt! I would like to thank John and his staff for their professionalism and guidance, as I could not have survived the grueling training schedule without their assistance.

—Ian D, avid runner

Thanks to Johnny, my golf related injuries are healed. He showed me how I was causing my problems and he altered my swing to prevent injuries. More importantly, he took three strokes off my game!

—Irwin L, avid golfer

My name is Jerode King and I've been running and racing since 1978. While training upwards to 80-100 miles a week in college I had strained my left Achilles' tendon. I've managed to continue to train, but it has always given me an issue.

I met Johnny through the running store that I work for. We met up for a few sessions of deep massage, icing, stretching and taping up the injury.

Long story short, the injury has pretty much healed and I manage to run and train at a quality I haven't had in years.

With each session on my Achilles, I could feel the tendon getting stronger and more flexible. Come to see that I had extremely tight calf muscles, which just made the injured area less flexible. I looked forward to the weekly sessions that Johnny and I worked together to heal this injury that I had for years.

Thanks Johnny for getting me back on the roads and running again

—Jerode K, avid runner

I came to Johnny with some serious physical therapy needs. I had a bunionectomy and subtalar joint implant surgery done in both of my feet at the same time. In order to make sure my recovery went well, I knew I would need PT since two feet at once requires a lot more attention. My doctor recommended Johnny to me and I am truly thankful that he did. Johnny gives high quality 1 on 1 direct care and attention. He's an extremely personable individual so he makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while preforming PT techniques. 

His knowledge of the body is immense and with his guidance for exercises outside of our sessions I was able to see huge gains in mobility and strength each week. He was even able to give me advice on other issues unrelated to my surgery. I would recommend Johnny to anyone who is in need of professional help.

—Wade F, quasi-pro table tennis player

Johnny treated me for hip pain and I had a great experience with him. His manual skills, experience, and one on one treatment allowed for quick results and helped me return to running pain free. I have had experiences with many PTs in the past and Johnny was far superior and I would highly recommend him. Thanks for all your help!

—Alissa N, avid runner

I was suffering from knee pain after a nasty skiing accident. I had been to a few other physical therapists without much success. John was able to quickly assess the injury as well as my lower body strength and began a more all-inclusive approach to rehabilitating my knee while providing training techniques that allowed me to get back in the gym! After few weeks, I was hitting the squat rack with a far better knowledge of how to train effectively and intelligently. Thanks John!

—Fabian B

I was introduced to Johnny Lathrop from a friend who swore by him as he had helped her recover from knee surgery. I had suffered a trimalleolar fracture (fracture of the ankle), which required a lengthy reconstructive ORIF surgery. I met Johnny two days after I had the cast and stitches removed and I was placed in a knee length inflatable boot, non weight-bearing. My surgeon suggested physical therapy two to three times a week and estimated that I would need about 8 weeks before I would be able to put any weight on my ankle again. I was extremely apprehensive of the idea of physical therapy; my ankle was unrecognizable and moving any part of my foot felt absolutely impossible. I had no hope that I would have any kind of mobility for months. Yet, from my very first session I felt a strong sense of confidence in Johnny and an immediate sense of relief from the incredible swelling on my foot and the ongoing pain. I started seeing Johnny twice a week and each time I felt better and my foot immediately begun responding to the treatments. Johnny was always on time; his confidence in my ability to go through the sessions and make small but meaningful steps of improvement gave me confidence to stick to the schedule and do all the exercises he prescribed at home. At my 6-week check-up, my surgeon was impressed with the improvement and he progressed me to full weight-bearing. At the 12-week checkup my surgeon commented very positive on the visible improvement that I had made and progressed me to regular exercise schedule. I could run, spin, wear heels and in his words, I was back to normal. I never thought that I would recover from a massive trauma so quickly, at 51 years of age. I was very lucky to have a first-class trauma surgeon who had the skill and experience to ‘put my ankle back together’. I was even luckier to have met Johnny who treated me with true care and expertise; with confidence, compassion and always a positive spirit. Johnny is a great professional and I know that I could not have recovered so quickly without him. I cannot recommend Johnny highly enough and I am confident that his patients will greatly benefit from his care.

—Leela P, avid spinner

I came to see John Lathrop because I had a lot of pain and movement restriction in my right jaw.  I couldn’t take a bit of a banana without pain or fit a piece of sushi in my mouth.  Eating an apple was out of the questions, and it hurt to talk.  My dentist recommended that I see John.  At the very first appointment John did a lot of hands-on work on m jaw and gave me home exercises to do, which I did.  After one sessions I was able to open my jaw 40% wider and with less pain.  John continued to work on aligning my jaw, proper chewing, and stretching my jaw muscles.  After a month I could actually eat an apple again! Now I can eat pretty much anything and I continue to do the exercises, to keep everything working properly.  My experience with Johnny was very positive and a huge help to resolving this problem.  Now I’m back to my chatty self and have Johnny to thank for it.

—Adrienne S

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