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Foot and Ankle Sprains…..They’re AWFUL!

Foot and Ankle Sprains…..They’re AWFUL!


This photo of one of my patients shows phenomenal results from just ONE treatment after an ankle sprain.  I show this so people can understand how getting treatment RIGHT AWAY is not only important in your current recover, but prevent repetition of the SAME injury in the future.  The top picture is one day after a severe sprain where the patient rolled his ankle when stepping in to a pothole.  The picture below is from the result of ONE treatment.  The patient saw attention with Physical Therapy the day after injury in order to BEAT THE SPRAIN!  I’m lucky to have such motivated patients, and there are five main ingredients to beating ankle sprains. Email us and tell us you’d like a copy of “Beat That Sprain: The 5 Ingredient Recipe.” Info.JLPT@gmail.com.

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