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Dynamic Planks for Low Back Pain and Lumbar Instability


(click on the file above to play video)

It is very important to first note that this exercise may not be suitable for everybody due to various reasons.  With that being said, it is important to consult with a Physical Therapist before initiating this exercise program.

As mentioned in the video, static core exercises may not be the most beneficial way to treat the spinal stabilizers to improve lumbar stabilization and to minimize low back pain.  Instead, performing slow and controlled movements of the spine throughout all planes of motion may better help to teach your body to control and stabilize the spine.  After all, we live in a dynamic world!

In the video, I demonstrate the exercise in THREE planes of motion:  1) the sagittal plane is where my spine is basically bending forward and backward, 2) the coronal plane is where I’m shifting my hips from side to side to promote sideward bending of the spine, and 3) the transverse plane is where I’m using my cross-body thigh kick to promote a rotation of the spine.

Performing 10 repetitions in each of these planes of motion is no easy task, so when I recommend these exercise to an appropriate patient of mine, I’ll have them rest for about 30-60 seconds after performing 10 repetitions in one plane of motion, and then move on to the next plane.


Twila Thompson

2018-09-10 12:58:38 Reply

Great video. And they don’t look too easy – but I may try them!

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