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Plantarfasciitis is simply inflammation of the plantarfascia.  Most often, it occurs where the tissue attaches to the heal bone.  The location of pain is usually on the bottom of the foot, near the heel bone, but more toward the inside portion of it.  ...

Foot and Knee Pain in Running

Revealed:  3 SUPER popular questions on FOOT and KNEE PAIN in those who run or walk a lot. “What is the proper FOOT STRIKE?”  As the owner of John Lathrop Physical Therapy, I often partner with various running groups and running shoe stores to ...

The TRUTH about Plantar Fasciitis and Heel/Arch Pain

Pain around the heel can been one of a few things.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you get the correct diagnosis, as all of the following pathologies are often diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis, and much of the time, the diagnosis is WRONG.  In my opinion, the ...